I agree with compusolver’s


I agree with compusolver’s opinions and reasoning behind the lack of information. Not talking about the fundamentals of good camera and editing techniques but the business of weddings. You won’t need any books there are too many bits of info on the net. The best way that I have found is just getting to know everyone involved in the wedding production as a whole. Many brides have ideas of what they want in the video and many don’t know where to begin. Be flexible. There are photographers and DJs that you will meet- network, network, network. Have business cards in your pockets. But the most important people that I think any wedding videographers must get to know is the cordinators and wedding planners. 90% of every business that I have received is through these people. The bride and groom ussually sit and consult their needs to these fine organizers long before they decide whose catering, flower arrangments,photographers and who’s doing the video. They can help in a whole host of items and issues. From where your allowed toshoot (there are rules in some churches), directions to locations, who you need to know about sound and lighting, even whether or not your allowed to go through the buffet line, trust mewedding cordinatorscan make your day easy. And, they can set you up for the next event with little effort on your part. If you have established relations with as many cordinators as you can in your area you may never have to commute very far. I never spend any money on advertising instead I give a percentage to those who recommend me. And that’s why they keep me busy.

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There you have it. There are lots of things behind the scenes like income tax and epuipmentupgrading that you will need to learn. But dive in and make every one feel comfortable that they have you instead of someone else.

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