I agree with compusolver t


I agree with compusolver totally. On a side note,I have been away from these forums for too long, but i remember that he always had great advice.

as for your situation Steve, you have to crawl before you walk. thats right, walk. look, you might think that all of the tech stuff is overkill, but have you ever compared a video done on a cheap 300 dollar walmart special and a 3000 dollar 3 chip camera? I don’t think you have or you would not be thinking it is overkill. This video is what people have to remember the biggest day of their lives by so its not something to take lightly. When I started out in High School doing weddings i charged $200 dollars for my first two (which happened to be a week apart). Today, with the experience i have gained from working with real pros and just continually doing video projects, I would not pay $20 bucks for the crap that i gave them. Fortunately both couples absolutely loved their videos which were about an hour to an hour and a half long apiece and both parties (them and myself) gained in the deal. what you need to do is charge at the most 200 for the video,do the wedding, and the entire reception and then some. I mean go all out for it. you need to get the experience and buy nicer stuff. you will enjoy nicer equipment and the customer will enjoy a better product.

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