I agree with compusolver o


I agree with compusolver on this one. It might be worth it to ask them about paying a little extra to get better sound.

Here’s an option: rent a wireless mic. I know for a fact that even in small town Minnesota where I live, theres a place not half an hour away where you can rent a wireless lapel system for your camera for not too much.

If you can buy them, Azden has some neat stuff. I started out with a cheap Azden VHF mic, and it wasn’t too bad. I’m on the 200ULT now, and I love it, but they cost quite a bit. Each couple would have to fork out about $350 to cover the cost.

Like I said, look up the rental places. If they don’t have one, call a videographer or two in the area. If I didn’t have a wedding going on, I’d be willing to rent my mics out for the right price.

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