I agree with compusolver i


I agree with compusolver in many of his comments. AC power would be a bad idea. Sure its continous but it also means wires and being tethered to a wall. Also as he said I would not mention that you do wedding videos to anyone but wedding clients. Like he said a band will not want a wedding videographer working on their video and the same goes for any professional productions. A broadcast producer will think of a wedding videographer as an amiture. Regardless of how good they are. That part of the video industry is like the red headed step child. They are looked at as not good enough for "prime time". "Thats why they do wedding videos". (Not my words something I heard a producer say while looking at a reel from a potential new hire) Also never and i mean NEVER use wedding footage on a demo reel that you send to a professional studio. That is one sure fire way to get your reel into the trash.

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