I agree with brandon. CHec


I agree with brandon. CHeck out the advice on the other thread you created.

I would rather see you get two GL-2’s or two VX2100’s than one camera of any sort, especially Hi Def.

Whileon the pro end, Studios have standardized their Hi def work, Prosumer and consumer grade hi definition is still not standardized, nor is it even compatible with 90% of the TV’s out there.

You said in your othr post that this is for your church.Again, let me ask you, if you are a churchgoer, which would you prefer:

One camera angle all the time for the entire length of the film. It’s recorded in hi def, so to play the video you need to buy a hi def player for several hundred dollars.


Multiple camera shots and angles becaue of two cameras that keeps the eye interested. The full quality format will play on any Television with standard VCR or DVD player.

Personally, hi def sounds all snazzy, and it will eventually dominate the industry. But right now, focus on what you NEED. Get yourself two Standard Definiton cameras, and you’ll have a lot better result. Hi def might be cool for you, but unless all of your congregants have hi def video players, it’s not worth the expense.

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