I agree with Bill, no need to


I agree with Bill, no need to go full hog, especially when you're just starting out.


People have made films with iphones!

It's the talent, not the equipment that makes the 'art'.


It's better to experiment with a cheap/low cost camera(w/video capability) or camcorder than an expensive one(yes, $999 is expensive when your budget is 1000-1200).


Or you could get a t2i or t3i refurb or cheap on the open market. Or borrow from your parents or friends.


Next, and more important is to get a good sound recorder. You can get a dr-40, h4n, etc. Also a good boom would help an a couple of wired or wireless lavs(wireless preferred).


I'd actually put MORE money towards sound equipment than video equipment. People are more forgiving of a bad picture, but not of bad sound.



Or just start out make silent films, which is actually better when learning your craft (you can focus on learning more about shot selection, framing, etc. rather than worrying about capturing dialogue or if a dog or plane ruined your take).


Another, more important thing than a good camera is good lighting. If you can afford it, get some decent but low cost lighting, also get some reflectors.


Get a good tripod and tripod head.


Get gaffer's tape.


Get sandbags.


Finally, save about half your budget towards future CRAFT services for your projects(when you have other crew and cast)! The key to a sucessful shoot and to get people to work on future projects! πŸ˜›

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