I agree with a lot that was


I agree with a lot that was said. (Not so much that editing is more important that shooting. It’s all important.) Yes. Practice is important, but look to others for something to strive for. Look around for those who do great work and learn from their examples. Without that, you have no reference. You may be practicing bad techniques.

And I know many people who are “paid professionals” but do mediocre work that looks like a middle schooler put it together. So just because someone is getting paid for their work, it does not make them good at it. Calling them a professional is… well… it just doesn’t seem right. Things like not using the on-board mic, but rather a lav or shotgun. Use a tripod or some way of steadying the shot rather than continually shaky, hand-held visuals that nauseate the viewer. Don’t have background music too loud. I could go on.

My bottom line is to always keep looking to better yourself. There’s inspiration everywhere. Look to the greats for benchmarks. Put your work out there for critique. You’ll get there. But you need to work on all points of your work. Not just editing. Of course, unless, you’re incredible at everything else.

Chris Sebes
Senior Video Editor

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