I agree. The worst shit ends


I agree. The worst shit ends up having a sequel or two and makes mega-bucks just because of a lame premise and a few B-grade one-liners. It's mind numbing, "reality" TV has the same appeal unfortunately. It's just a safe venture for the studio in the end, like a 4/4 120bpm pop song that no-one ever asked for, with a heap of marketing to hype it up.


But the film industry only makes them because a majority of the audience won't risk seeing something they can't be certain about liking. I hate the term "Foreign Film" and "Arthouse". Guess what, I live in Australia, all Hollywood films are "Foreign"! Does a film being labeled as "Foreign" make it less appealing?… to your average Joe audience, I think it does.


Speaking more from a cinema-tech side, I know that even though we've just worked on set with a bunch of really creative people to produce a film or music video, carefully lit, filmed in a crazy resolution and obsessively graded in post-, 90% of the audience are satisfied with a DivX ripped H.264 copy via YouTube on their iPhone… But that's not necessarily related to content, more to format.

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