I agree. The video is long


I agree. The video is long, but you did make a very good point that it’s not for the average viewer, it’s for the players. and I think that over rides that fact that it’s a bit long.

As far as getting different angles…yea, you need some. Just move around where you want to get different shot. If no one says you’re in the way then you’re good to go. If someone asks you to move, just politely move. It’s not a big deal. You’re not going to get kicked out of a game for being in the way a few times. Even from where you were, you could have gotten different shots. You could have gotten tighter I think.

So I think if you had different shots, people could probably give you more critique on the editing. I like the way you did the replays. That was a good idea how you had the outer edge of the frame out of focus. And I like that basketball graphic you’ve got goin on there. And I like how you knew to get shots of the coach rather than cover JUST basketball. I only briefly skimmed through, but did you get cut away of the crowd cheering as well? That’s always a good shot that will improve your editing.

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