I agree that you would need


I agree that you would need at least three lights to lit the interviewer and the interviewee. But then you would need to worry about the green screen on the top of that.


You can check the look of the 2 interviews I shot with 3 lights.


1 – two soft boxes on boom stands were pushed into the far corners of the room, as far as the booms afforded to stretch, one large soft box was set at the center line way back to fill the shadows: http://andreiphotos.blogspot.ca/2012/12/three-lowel-soft-boxes.html


2 – two diffused Lowel lights on upright stands were placed between each camera and the person. The 3rd light was hitting the ceiling to bounce down with the fill: http://andreiphotos.blogspot.ca/2012/10/three-lowel-lights.html


These are the most basic set ups, but you can go further from this point on. The sky (and budget) is the limit.

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