I agree that Vista was sim


I agree that Vista was simply a thinly veiled attempt to Mac Up the Windows OS. I read a lot of PC magazines and apparently Windows 7 is nothing more than revamping of Vista’s code with less intrusive IAC and a new desktop interface. Given the fact it seems nothing more than an improvement of Vista, trying to fix Vista’s flaws, I expect that it wouldn’t be the nasty bug nest that Vista was when it was released; we’ll see.

I wanted to try Vegas Pro 8c on my laptop before attempting 8.1, the main reason for this is that I also have plugins ins and Cinescore that I want to be able to use. From what I’ve been reading, plugins and Cinescore aren’t supported by version 8.1; apparently some of the other program features won’t work either. I’m also maxed out at 4 gigs of RAM–apparently 8.1 was designed partly to address more than four gigs of RAM. So if I’m not satified with the performance of 8c I’ll give 8.1 a go, but I won’t be happy about not being able to use some of the features of the program. I’m hoping that Sony releases a patch that will clear up these limitations for 64 bit.

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