I agree that the 550D will


I agree that the 550D will show you a marked improvement in video quality. Your S3 shoots 640×480 and the 500D will shoot full HD. There’s just a whole lot more digital information in each frame. That and once you get to individual lenses, like those for the 550D, the optical quality is improved a great deal in contrast, color and resolution, along with the control you get in depth of field—all factors of the video you’ve noted compared to point and shoot cameras. It’s really a world of difference. The 18-55 lens probably won’t give you as shallow a focus (background blur) as you’re seeing in this video, but if faces are relatively close without distorting, you’ll get some of this effect with the aperture open wide.

It’s a sure bet you can enhance your creativity with better editing software, but I’d encourage you to consider spending your money first where it counts most, the camera and lens. If you still have money left over, I’d suggest adding an off-camera mic if you’re going to do interviews like those shown here.

Nonprofits are great places to help out. I wish you luck!

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