I agree that a lav mic is


I agree that a lav mic is definitely worth considering.

But if you have a fairly decent budget then I can thoroughly recommend the slightly increased cost of a camera mountable receiver that uses batteries. A mains powered receiver is fine if you know you will never want to be completely free of wires but the extra freedom you get from a battery system is very useful in all types of situation. After all, who knows what you’ll want to be filming in the future!?

I use the Sennheiser EW 112-P G2 system and I love it as the batteries last a good while and the audio quality is superb, but I’m sure there are many other models out there that are just as up to the job.

Then again, a good quality wired mic may be everything you need if you’re only interested in the interview type setting where nothing needs to move after it’s been set up!

The BEHRINGER B2 PRO is good for voice recording and I’ve used that on a short stand just out of shot with great results, but again, there are many good mics to choose from. Pretty much depends on your current budget and how future-proof you want to be, I suppose…


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