I agree, mostly with your


I agree, mostly with your words on High-Definition. If a single (pixel) section of a CCD is larger, it is exposed to more light. Suppose there is a SD and an HD camcorder with the same type and size of CCD. With a lower resolution, a single pixel of an SD camcorder is exposed to more light. In general, larger CCDs take in more light.

It used to be that a 3-CCD was used for most video situation, while CMOS sensors are designed for still photos. A 3-CCD camera was always the better option for recording video. CMOS chips sensors, however, have been dramatically improved over the years – they nearly render video the same way. Picking up a little bit of 3ccd knowledge, I learned that there are just some things that 3 ccds can do, particularly in low light, that just isn’t the same for a CMOS.

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