I agree.I use Studio 9 p


I agree.

I use Studio 9 plus…. yeah yeah yeah I know, but I have no issues with it, my setup is very stable and it does everything I need.

Every disc works fine with the menus

A BIG HOWEVER, I create a disc in Studio, but I do not burn using Studio’s burning engine. In “make movie” click on “settings” button . On the pop up screen select ” create disc content, but do not burn” Make note of the “image folder location” (bottom of pop up screen) Then create your master piece.

Using Nero, I then burn my DVD inputting the video files from the “Image file location”

The brand of disc can have a huge impact on the reliabilty and compatability of your production with other players.
http://www.dvdinfopro.com is a good site to get disc info from.
Being from OZ we don’t have all the brand name that you have. I basically stay with TDK or Verbatim

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