I agree. I just finished r


I agree. I just finished reading Hank’s review of this guy’s article.

Essentially, I have only one package as well. I do full wedding coverage from start to finish then the full reception for a flat fee… All for one flat fee.

I have additional items that they can choose to add on if they want but are not absolutely necessary for a beautiful video. I have listed them below.

Bridal preparations – This consists of filming the photo sessions before and after the wedding, video of the bride and groom preparing before.

Rehearsal coverage – While I attend the rehearsal, I am not filming it. The couple have the option to purchase this coverage if they want.

Rehearsal Dinner – I shoot this just as I would the reception, except with this, I mainly only capture the speeches as some of the goings on and atmosphere.

Extra event related to wedding – I provide a flat fee for an event such as a bridal shower. If they want me to film a 2nd extra event, then it is the same fee for the second event.

Kiosk at the reception – I have built a beautiful kiosk type environment with the camera inside (kinda like the photo booths at the mall). They are enclosed and provide a private setting for the guests to make comments to the camera with no on-lookers. (although if they don’t purchase this extra, I ask if they would like me to attempt to get comments from guests).

Photo montage – I include the base price, price per picture for 1st 25 photos, the price per photo after the 25 (different price for digital vs hard copy that I have to scan). THis will be included on the final DVD. I also add an extra charge if they want it presented at the reception or rehearsal dinner.[/b][/u]


I have an 8 page contract. At the end of each page I have a place for them to initial that I have reviewed the page and a place to initial that I have answered any question regarding that page’s content.

2 full pages are dedicated to the refund policy.

When I get to the section about cost, everything is spelled out. The bride pays me a deposit (equal to 1/3 the total cost) then I set a date for them to have the remainder of the cost paid by. These dates are all included in the contract as well as the total agreed upon cost of all of the services.

The bride pays me the total cost of services before the event date (by the agreed date) and that is that. She never has to take out her checkbook out again (actually I only take cash or Cashier’s check/money order. No personal checks or credit card– been burned to many times with that–)… Unless she wants extra copies of the video past the original 10 copies that are included in the package price.

But the price of the additional copies is also clearly stated in the contract.

At the end we all sign as well as any other witnesses that attended the meeting.


Regarding the crack on WEVA.

Personally, I agree with everything you guys have said about some of the shady things they try to promote to their members.

I only joined because it offers good afordable insurace to its members (Loydds of London, etc.). Honestly, that is one of the only reasons.

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