I agree… I enjoy making


I agree… I enjoy making the videos mostly because I know what a treasure they are – and will become.

You’ve also got me thinking about the length, too. My 20 min rule is really a carryover from my VHS days. A DVD menu takes care of that. Hmm… I can make a full hour long highlight video? – wow – that changes everything. Of course, even with 25 hockey games, I only have so many highlights… (our team isn’t very good). But, maybe I can use other filler footage; workouts, practices, etc. Excellent, now I’m getting somewhere – I’m way off my well beaten path and that’s just what I was looking for.

So, just to be clear: you don’t charge for filming or production time, just $50 per copy, right? I like that idea better than trying to estimate my hours and give a quote based on an hourly rate.

What’s your recommendation for software? I just started looking at Sony Vegas and already found a missing feature that Pinnacle has.

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