I agree, elderban. I would


I agree, elderban. I would have to say the demand for either format right now is nil. And…most people, I would think, already own such huge movie libraries on SD DVD’s…that switching to either format would cause most consumers to opt for a system that plays both kinds…like the HD DVD players now that mimic an "upconversion" of your SD DVD’s for playback on your HDTV.

It won’t be until the HD DVD/Blu-Ray player’s cost comes down to the level of current SD DVD players before the typical consumer will start buying ONLY HD DVD releases. But…unlike the Betamax/VHS format war of the early 80’s…I could see both formats actually becoming widespread with no clear "winner". And movies would be released for both formats…like how the video games are released. We’ll see, I suppose.

OK…I’m starting to lean towards the Sony HDR-FXI…just from the reviews online…and here on this forum…and the fact that it accepts both Mini DV and HDV formats…may be the ideal camera for a smooth transition into HD production. I produce a lot of content for satellite PPV and VOD…and while the ramp up for HD programming (ie, those DirecTV "Back to the Future" ads, anyone?) is moving forward…HDTV saturation across the country still isn’t quite high enough to justify the demand. So, I’m planning on shooting in HDV and mastering to SD Mini DV so that when the big switch-a-roo does happen…I will already have a library of HD content under my belt to pull footage from….but will still be able to output to SD for the time being.

Anyone else have a similar plan…or am I crazy? lol

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