I agree, don’t get hung up


I agree, don’t get hung up on labels. My pet peeve is polls of which NLE is better. LOL If you are comfortable with it, it’s best for you. Everyone always votes for their NLE. People always expound the virtues of Brand X over Brand Y when in reality Brand X is probably what they found, liked and became used to and now swear by it. Someone else may have ended up with Brand Y and did the same. It means nothing.

The “Top 3” or “Top 5” NLE is hogwash! There are people producing wonderful video with the last 5 and the top 5. Some cannot afford the top 5 and others choose the last 5. The number one NLE is the one that you use and love. No matter which one that is.

As for “Professional” it’s not just about money. If you approach the subject with a professional attitude and take your art seriously, then I think you are a professional, even if you never make a dime off it. Even if your videos are trash to other people. It doesn’t matter. You decide what you are, not anyone else.

When do you get to be a professional? When you decide you are. So Robgrauert, are you a professional?

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