I agree completely. I also


I agree completely. I also make mention to brides that they are welcome to purchase additional items at any time and of course I will suggest things afterward like a honeymoon photo montage that I offer.

Apparently there was an article by the same author in the previous issue leading up to this article that advises you to spell out things like the number of "toasts, speeches and live performances" in the contract. Maybe it’s just me but this seems like a good way to set the client up to bill her an additional 50-100% more than she originally bargained for when she estimates wrong.

"Oh, looks like the contract says 2 toasts. We got great footage of your brothers emotional, tear filled toast but it’ll cost ya".

And what is the deal with having a coverage time limit if you are charging by the item? I’m baffled.

I mean, maybe I’m overreacting but in what other business can you get away with this kind of tactics?

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