I agree about not using RA


I agree about not using RAID 1 on the VR. RAID 1 is designed for backup since it makes 2 copies of whatever you load to your RAID. RAID 1 is for safety, RAID 0 is for high performance, RAID 5 is a balance between safety and speed. So I agree…RAID 0 for your Caldigit VR.

About Carbon Copy Cloner…I suggested CCC because you said you’re going to get a 4TB VR. That sounds like a hefty amount of data to me. So the combo of CCC and a Drobo is safe and you don’t have to worry about taking the time to back up all that data as CCC can be schedule to automatically do it for you.

If you are always capturing new footage and bringing in new media for new projects, then I personally think CCC and a Drobo is a convenient set up. However if you don’t spend a lot of time doing video or work on a few large projects instead of many little projects, then maybe the bare enclosures are all you need. It depends how much work you are doing I think.

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