I admire your initiative.


I admire your initiative.
I believe there will be someone who will want what you offer, but be very VERY careful to tell them exactly what differences to expect between your offering and other more professional offerings.
2 things that my wedding photography customers expect is:

a) guarentee…I will come back with good pictures, come hell or high water. If a camera breaks, I have several others, at least triple redundance for everything. I’ll get the best shots possible under all conditions, and I let them know what to expect beforehand, at the contract stage.

b) honesty: they know I’ll turn them away, if I cannot or will not be able to meet thier needs…ie I don’t need or want the job so badly that i’ll compromise my self to get it.

So there is no substition for experience. Experience without talent doesn’t sell either.
If you’ve got talent, then get out there and find some young couple, struggling to set themselves right before God, but who really can’t afford a pro, and do some charity (accept a donation as opposed to a low fee). Don’t get yourself trapped into a "Wedding Video Done CHEAP" reputation when starting out.
Good Luck.

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