I actually have a wall pap


I actually have a wall paper on my computer screen of the EX1 just so thatI can keep my focus on what my future camera is. Think of it as some kind of visual reminder that is taught by the likes of Anthony Robbins. I want so badly to reach out and just get the EX1. Really, there has never been a time when you can buy a professional grade camera (not a prosumer)for less then a good used car. For now, I will have to settle for a consumer camera; a camera that I can afford as a hobbiest. I’m looking for a camera that has those features that I have listed because I have seen each one of them in a camera that is less then $1000 just not all of them in one camera. If I want one with ext. mic options find but now it doesn’t have manual focus or it may have good zoom control but it lacks firewire. I see robgrauert, that you are no help because you have only the high dollar camera. Yes, I was kind of hoping that someone would read my post and say “hey, what this guy ThomW needs is….” There are new models coming out all the time and each has little but differing designs. However, they never seem to get better just different. It’s like arguing with the icecream shop owner. I can have choclate sauce, carmel, strawberries, bananas with wipecreambut no cherry on top nor canI get a different flavor other than vanilla. If you ask for a different flavor then youhave tosay good-by to all the toppings. I don’t know it’s just frustrating when the only reason for a new model is for marketing purposeswhen last years model will work just fine. How long has the PD-170 been around? And, it’s still being sold for a hefty price for an outdated camera. But, that’s because it works and it is a good piece of equipment.

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