Hummmm Interesting! Well


Hummmm Interesting!

Well you should be able to put up two separate screen shots but I think that you’ll have to use a larger desktop with a video card that supports duel monitors. There might be laptops out there that can do this but I’m I’m not sure. Sending a signal to 2 projectors is the same thing as sending a signal to 2 monitors as long as you have the correct interfacing.

I don’t think your problem is going to be that however. The only way (I see anyway) to get 2 video sources to sync up "perfectly" is to have them come form the same source. In other words you would have to almost have these two videos authored on the same disk as a single video so that you can control and make sure that everything is synced up perfectly. OK this would mean that you would have to have two video shots on the same screen side by side. But now the problem is that because this is now technically coming from one source (both videos playing side by side next to each other) now you’ll have to somehow isolate each separate video shot so that you can put it up on it’s own screen for your presentation. That’s the stumbling block.

I have seen something like this done at various trade shows and what have you but I don’t think that they have to be synced up as close as what you’re looking for. I have to think that either they have special equipment that can do this or they are actually playing from two separate sources and that this equipment is designed so that you can control the syncing of these different players or sources.

I guess it comes down to how close to you really have to have these synced up? If you’re talking at the frame level then I think you’ll have a tough time. If you can get maybe 2 laptops with their own video on them, there might be something out there that will let you cue these videos up and then you’ll have to hit play at the same time on both PCs or something. Hell, there has to be some software solution out there somewhere too! They have software for everything. πŸ˜€ The trick is where to look and do you have enough money! :'(

Sorry that I can’t help but maybe there is someone else out here that can! That what this place is for. πŸ˜‰


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