Humm At this point I wont



At this point I wont be much help because Im not using HD. The only thing that hits me is that it kind of sounds like maybe a frame rate setting, a codec issue or maybe it may even have to do with how Premiere Pro and your graphics card get along.

Mind you that I dont know how you set up the scratch disks nor do I know anything about how your system is set up but in the future, I have to think that you would want your comformed audio files on one drive and your video preview files on the other so that your HDs arent working so hard thus maybe causing the delay.

The reason I say this is that you mentioned that your source AVI file plays fine which could be because the audio and video are still all together and unmolested. Now when you are in Premiere Pro AND youre working with this AVI file on the timeline, you arent really working with that actual AVI file directly. Youre actually working with the special video preview and conformed audio files that PP has modified and created from your original AVI file. The reason it does this is so its easier for PP to handle everything that is thrown at it. You see you have to keep in mind that its to demanding for PP to edit a (.MOV) a (.WMV) a (.MPG) along with a (.WAV) and a (.MP3) at the same time on the same timeline in their native form because of all of the different codecs involved for playing each format. To solve that, it conforms or changes everything to the same format or language (sort-of speak) that PP uses so it runs smoother during editing and so that it fits the parameters you set for how you want your finished project to end up.

I could be smoking but that almost seems like why this could be happening to you.

Good luck!


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