HUHHH??!!! You cant possi



You cant possibly have fire wire connection to camera and down to USB on PC
It must be either mini usb on camera to USB on PC or dv on camera to firewire on computer.

Check video input (software) in pinacle capture.
What video editing program are you using?

Forget about videtape deck for the moment.
Can you download DV from camera to PC ?
IF not, then you have a problem with either your leads, or your video input selection within your prograam.
Again check your settings for your video capture input.
If you can capture, then from camera to PC is okay
Look at you connections from the tape deck to the camers – Are you connected correctly. Are you connected to video out?
If still no joy and you are positive you have the camera on the right input setting try a different set of leads frrom the tapedeck to the camera.

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