Huh? “Invert” the image i


Huh? “Invert” the image in post? Due to what, an upside down camera? What makes a DOF (depth of field?) kit so righteously important to the equation?

All the 35mm lens kits I have seen have the “inverted image” problem due to the physics of how 35mm film cameras work – The image captured on the film is inverted (same as your retina – except your brain flips the image). The pentaprism in an SLR does the flip for you.

Depth of field can be a very desired effect – If you are looking for a “film look”. It can help the flow of the story (like when the focus shifts from a person in the foreground to one further away) and make for very dramatic looking footage. Most folks want a broader depth of field for casual footage so more of the frame’s elements are in focus (why some even shooting with film use smaller apertures).

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