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This should be a fairly easy thing to do. The main limitation will be cable length. What I will suggest will provide a quality level that is a bit better than standard tv. Some folks will say to limit your cables to around 50′ total length each (and they are correct that there is loss in long runs), but I have run up to 200′ with minimal quality loss. It won’t be HD, but it should look nice for what you want. Here’s the scoop:

You need to take “S” video out of your camera. DO NOT TRY to split this with “Y” cables, or any other “passive” method. I don’t think you would actually do damage (although…..), but you would definately have garbage for quality. You need a Distribution Amplifier (DA) unit to split the signal. These come in numerous sizes, but a 1×6 (one input, six outputs) would give you feeds for your five areas plus your preview monitor. Get one that is native “S” format, don’t try to use a composite amplifier and then adapt the ins/outs! You can then use runs up to 200′ using “S” cable to each screen/projector. (it should not be any problem to find sets that take “S” in.) You can try longer runs, but your picture may really start to suffer.

The quality of “S” vid. is not as good as a digital solution, but for your purposes, it should work nicely. It also provides “real-time” video to your screens, so you will not have the screens in the same room as the speaker lagging about 1 second behind as firewire will do (very distracting!)

Hope that helps. Good luck with your event!



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