Jake’s first memory is waking up in an empty world, one completely devoid of life. Everything is made out of plastic. His life consists of daily rituals that keep him going, as he fakes a normal life of exercise and leisure. To stay busy, he obsessively tracks the schedule of freight trains that pass through town without stopping. He’s searched for other signs of life, and for a way to escape, but has found neither. The only possible way out is a dangerous railroad tunnel, but this place fills him with abject terror. His first attempt to walk through the tunnel leaves him nearly dead. Even if he is able to pass through it, what’s on the other side? Jake struggles with his two options: a safe, lonely life or the risk of death for the unknown.

Dylan Tuccillo – Director (Omie Wise, Dimday)
Dylan Tuccillo – Writer (Omie Wise, Dimday)
Joe Jones – Key Cast (Just Another Box, Dimday)

Genres: Fantasy, Drama
Country of Origin: United States
Completion Date: July 2, 2016
Film Language: English
Shooting Format: Digital

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