go to the video, read the comments.

that was for a video I was comissioned to make by a magazine…. yes the peice in my portfolio that gets shown to editors on my laptop has the music beatsynched in, but nothing that can ever be copied goes out to the general public.

Fair use.

As for weddings…. I advertize my weddings as “Journalistic style” and we record what is there and turn it over to the client. We also have clients that want songs added to thier slideshow or dance video albums, and we purchase those songs from itunes, on thier behalf, itemize them on the clients bill, add them to thier wedding dvd’s then delete them off our drives. The client signs a contract and as far as I am concerned, I’ve put thier Bought music onto thier own “private use” video and I will fight to claim it it was fair use if challenged. The key argument? We did not distribute COPIES of the music, we simply provided the service that allowed the customer to BUY a song, ADD it to the Video we created for thier own personal, private use. We did not KEEP A COPY of the music they BOUGHT.

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