(I did the photography, video and music as well as photo and video editing for that video)

just do a photoshoot with a before and after shot.

take the before shot, the after shot, and the behinds the scenes video of the shoot and cycle through each on a continous looped dvd for in store flat panel display… better yet… I have no aversion to making a trip out to Toronto for a gig…. I will rent the gear from vistec and be there if you need it quick, or I can wait till spring, send it greyhound courier and take my motorcycle. Any excuse for a road trip is a good excuse as far as I’m concerned!


I can even do the install of the flat panels if you need.

I do work photo and video for Canadian Hometrends magazine, been published in Acreage Life as well as others.

(Sorry for the hijack, but back on topic, I’d either courier my gear or rent gear when I get there, Iwll not pay the airlines to fondle my goodies, blast me with radiation and then steal all my stuff, they are the terrorists as far as I’m concerned).

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