Pew Internet usually has good research on the integration of american society and technology.

A couple of other articles I thought were cool:

The problem with the two articles is that they don’t list their sources very well.

>>While dial-up may be practical for basic e-mailing of messages and
absolutely essential in areas where there is no choice, it is no longer
an option for anyone wanting to access something over the internet at a
pace faster than snail mail.”Dead” doesn’t necessarily mean gone, just no longer effective for today’s bandwidth-hungry web content.<<

There are also people who don’t upgrade to a higher speed connection due to the increased price. There are serious debates amongst developers about this subject. Most of them will tell you that bandwidth hungry sites are a problem. A constant struggle is to always create content that is optimized as much as possible. There are developers who will tell you that you shouldn’t use technologies like Flash and Silverlight at all because they are so bandwidth hungry, and should instead use technologies like html/css/javascript to create web content. With teh exceptin of true streaming content (which a swf is not) everything has to download to your computer before it can play. Even with high speed connections flash and video can still take a whie to download and play depending on how well it was optimized. I believe it is one of the factors that is pushing development of internet connected content back onto the desktop. Technologies like Adobe AIR, JAVA and Microsoft WPF allow people to create content that can be installed onto a computer and then access the internet to download or update content, thus providing a more optimized experience with less emphasis on connection speed. There are those who feel that the traditional internet browser has a limited lifespan due to the ease of creating Rich Interactive Applications for the desktop

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