I apologise if my typing was some how too loud or whiney for you. (???)

“Oddly enough, 37 years of experience has” (Must piss you off that some “Photographer” can pick up a video cameraand make money in less than 8 months.).

“Apparently youre the ONLY person with access to this particular filter manufacturer. ” (i listed several manufacturers).

“On the other hand, you report multiple instances of dropping your camera.” (if you were as quick to read as you are to hurl insults, you’d notice that I was quoting somebody else, who dropped his lenses not necessarily his cameras).

“Who cares?! I dont need advice on changing tires when my car wont start” (the op asked for advice on filters and was advised that the ones he was looking at were cheap, and he’d be better off getting a lenshood and QUALITY polariser, instead of the ones he was looking at…..I’m sure the other poster DIDN”T ask for any RANTS or NAME CALLING).

I apologise to readers on this forum.

I’ve been letting this person annoy me.

Clearly this person views this forum as his own turf, and feels threatened by me.

Instead of feeling insulted by him, I realize I should be feeling sorry for him. (much like a homeless person that lays claim to a park bench….sure you could argue it’s public space, or first come first serve, etc, but at the end of the day, You get yo go home to your Good Life, and all the other guy’s got is his park bench, in a place you’d rather not be walking around at night.).

Barefoot, you have my pity, and I’ll pray for you, that your business picks up to the point, that you have less time for this senseless harassment.

I’ll let you have your bench back…


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