Hey guys, this is my first project and I need some opinions.

Please don’t mind about the transitions and other stuff… I’m looking for the better footage i can get… but i couldnt resist to put some transitions πŸ™‚

First what can I improve with my actual setup (T3i, T2i, Nikon d3100 and T3 – in this video only to angles T3i and T2i) or for cheap. 2 Halogene work lights 500w and a clamp light 100w

Do I need more light?
Should I try to play more with camera settings?
Is there anyway to get less noise? (using kit lens I don’t have enough space to use my 50mm 1.8)
And how do i get rid of all that red?????? (this is getting me crazy when i mess with one color i loose other ahahahah)
Any other comments are welcomed I really want to hear your advice. And please bear with me… this is my first project πŸ™‚

By the way… before get mocked lol… I’m using shade because those work lights are crazy bright hahahah

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