Howzit Aspyrider, you look


Howzit Aspyrider,

you look like someone who would be able to answer my question.

I am using Movie Edit Pro 12, and export my work as AVI files. I have no trouble with the Edit part of the program for the purposes for which i use it for, but have great trouble burning my final work onto a DVD that will display on a 16:9 flatscreen television. I have tried so many things in so many ways, but to no avail.The end result that i have in mind is a 16:9 compatible dvd (for television), which must be able to loop continuously – is that possible at all? If so, what would be the basic route to follow in doing that – as i say, i’ve tried for months now, but neither myself, Maxic support South Africa or America have been able to do so (which seems to me to be a very straightforward thing). Your help and hints would be much appreciated.


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