How’s it going everyone?


How's it going everyone?

The name's Ben, I have no formal schooling for videography but aspire to do some good productions in the future. I am completely self-taught starting from 2003 when I dove into the realm of AMV's and walked away with some valuable editing experience. Currently I roll with a group of good friends as my "vid crew", though they mostly do the acting and some prop usage. All the editing and vast majority of the shooting is handled by yours truely. While my current career has contributed to a slowdown in progress (Air Force), we have big hopes on our future projects.

My current video equipment consist of a Canon Rebel T3i and a Sony PJ10V. My current video editing program is Sony Vegas Pro 11.

I'm hoping to learn alot on here and maybe even get a chance to develop some skill as well. Nice to meet you all!


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