However, before I throw m


However, before I throw my hat in as a teacher and go to film school…

First of all, I don’tparticularly recommend going to film school.You will learn better by reading/watching on your own and making your own movies. Go read the forum called “Newbie with Questions” haven’t yet.

Please, please help me by answering some of these questions: I am shopping around for a new laptop- although I am a PC loyalist I am willing to switch to a mac if it is more effiecient. What do you suggest?

I amnot just a PC loyalist, I’m a PC freak.Stick with PC if you have a PC. I THINK THE BOTTOM LINE IS TO SPEND AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE AT FIRST. Later on, when you learn more about what you need/want, go spend your money wisely. As we say on all these types of posts, this whole “best computer/camera/editing software” is very subjective.

Just remember to defragmentthe harddrive before you start a new project(Macs don’t have to be defragmented, I’ve heard).

I of course need to buy a camera and tripod for when I cannot hold the camera myself. What are some good choices on a budget of about $450?

IlikeFlash Media Camcorders, the kind that record to little SD memory cards. You don’t have to worry about tapefor your camera and they are smaller/cheaper as a group and good to learn on.I don’t use a tripod, but that’s a very good idea.

What are some good websites to learn about shooting, editing, etc.?

Videomaker isgreat!There is a TV website I found once that is also good. I will post it here later.

Are there any sites that have free documentaries just so I can get some ideas?

I don’t know about websites, but the History Channel on TV is great!

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