Howdy, If quality is the



If quality is the name of the game, then I would encourage you not to go with a mere 1/6" 3CCD camera. The smaller your CCD’s, the more light you need, and the less punch your picture will pack.

I’m going to discuss Canon’s line of cameras for moment, because for what you’re looking at, they’re probably your best bet. Sony has a great camera in their VX-2100, but it’s a hair more costly, and it has less features than the Canon. Basically you’re paying more for low-light performance, which you won’t need on a well-lit set.

Anyway, a great camera for you might be the Canon GL-2 It’s packed with features, has manual control on everything, and the CCD’s are a bit beefier. It has a nice look, and you can buy three of them for under $6000.

If you really want an amazing camera, get 5000 of your closest friends together and pick up the XL-2. This camera has everything you’ll ever need, and likely a lot of things you won’t. The CCD’s are even bigger, giving you excellent image and low-light performance (not that you’ll need low-light performance). The downside is that it would cost you over $15,000 to get three cameas, but if you are looking for the best quality, the price tag will be a bit high.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head. Others here with more advice and insight will no doubt have great suggestions too.

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