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Your first step should be to make sure you get the right format. There’s Beta, and there’s Betacam. There are a couple others out there too. If the cable company uses Betacam, and you show up with a standard beta tape, it won’t be any better for you.

Next, you’ll have to hire someone to transfer it for you. Most local TV studios that produce news, etc, would have the means to convert the video from MiniDV to Betacam. I had this done for me once. But then, I had ties to people in the station, so they may have just been nice to me. Give them a call, and see if they can do it for you. If it’s standard Beta, there’s probably a video transfer place in town who can do that one, and it’s almost certainly cheaper than going to the TV studio to have it done.

For either beta or betacam, you can buy production decks online and do it yourself, but they’re awfully spendy.

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