Howdy shrimp! :-DIt hone


Howdy shrimp! 😀

It honestly depends on how the conversation or interview is shot. Sometimes they’ll re-shoot a scene twice. Other times, they’ll position the cameras so they can record both ends of the conversation at the same time. For example, in the movie Frequency, both the 1969 and the 1999 scenes were shot simultaneously, on two sets that were built so the actors could know what the other was doing. It made for a very realistic effect.

Ultimately, no matter which way you shoot a conversation, the number one rule is to use screen direction to your advantage. What I mean is, if your camera start on person 1, who is looking off to the right, then your shot of person 2 should show them looking to the left. This allows the brain to "see" the person off-camera, and the shot looks right to the mind of the viewer.

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