Howdy guys. I don’t think


Howdy guys. I don’t think I did a very good job of explaining what I wanted to do. Sorry ’bout that!

Getting developed film from a reel onto digital isn’t my problem. Aside from the great suggestion from jetson (thanks for replying, btw!), a friend of mine also has a film scanner that’s supposed to scan each frame of a super 8 reel and transfer it to a video file. He does film transfer for a living, and I barter services with him, so no worries in actually getting it transferred.

My problem is getting undeveloped film developed.

I bought (for one dollar) a Super8 camera that works. I see that Kodak still makes the film for super 8 cameras, and it’s not all that pricey.

My question is, when I buy that roll of film, and run it through the camera, how and where do I get that roll of film developed? Do I need to get some chemicals from the photo supply store and develop it myself? If so, how? Or is there a place where I can get the film developed for me at a reasonable price?

So, while I eventually want to transfer the film to digital, my question is really how do I go from raw, undeveloped, light sensitive film, to developed, playable film?

And if it’s inexpensive, so much the better. So far, I’ve spent all of $1 on this crazy thing. I’d life to buy and develop a 50′ reel without spending more than, say, another $50, tops. And considering the average price of an undeveloped reel is $15, that means I need to see if there’s anyway to develop one of these things for less than $35. I’d imagine there is, but the last Super 8 reel I was featured on was in 1985, and since then, finding a place to develop raw film is tough.

Oh, Hank,

Usually during the wedding, they’re all fine. However, I have had some VERY particular brides before the fact. So far, nobody complains after they get their DVD’s so I must be doing something right! 🙂

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