How much testing have you


How much testing have you done? I’d suspect that between the lavs, zooms, and rode you got the best portable set you can do on a budget….

once you reach a certain point you gotta look at noise removal with additional hardware and software… but even those options have compromises…

looks to me like your best bets (on a budget) are going to be looking at how much noise you can eliminate in the car…

muffler and tune up…Altenator making any whines/electrical/radio noise? replace it. pop the door panels off and install foam padding everywhere you can, as well as thicker carpets and progressive wound suspension springs/shocks also some tires make more noise than others, and check the weather stripping around your windows and doors. Fix anything that rattles… many of these things will improve your comfort and gas milage on your trip anyways so why not?

then rubber mount your rode mic, make sure the ac works, keep your windows rolled up (but turn off the ac while recording)…

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