How much of an opportunity


How much of an opportunity does the " talent " have to acclaimate to the lights? If the ambient light in the room is " low ", or significantly lower than the light level of the shooting lights, the " talent " may not have enough time to adjust to the sudden blast from your instruments?


You say this is a small room? The amount of light needed should be no more than 150 ( incandescent ) watts per instrument, heavily diffused. ( are you using diffusion on your soft boxes ? ) If it were me, I'd begin with two lamps per instrument ( heavily diffused ) and only add additional lamps if needed. 


Do you find that in order to shoot with the amount of light you're using, you have to switch in a ND filter on your camera? If so, switch the ND filter off and reduce the number of lamps in your fixtures to achieve a proper exposure.

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