>>How long does it t


>>How long does it take to transfer .mts files from your camera to the computer depending on how much footage you have? Also, when you convert .mts files to Cineform AVI…how long does that take for say 30 minutes of footage? I’m just trying to get a feel for what the workflow would be like with these AVCHD monsters. Thanks!

I usually record to the flash card, and then put the card in a Transcend SDHC/USB adapter (cute little thing) and plug it into the AVCHD port in the front of the computer. Then I transfer the files across to the D: drive using Windows Explorer.

D: is in RAID 0, so I dunno, maybe it takes 3 minutes to transfer a 10 minute file. Then I call up Cineform and convert it to .avi. That takes maybe about ten minutes. In any event it takes about the same time as tape, but then you have top quality .avi files, rather than .mts files, which means you can handle them with a much less powerful machine; and the rendering times are also greatly improved.

The .avi files are larger than the .mts files, but hard drive space is relatively cheap nowadays.

I hope that helps.

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