?”How do the specs look th


?”How do the specs look though?”

On top of what Crafters pointed out, I’d add that 550w power supply won’t be enough to meet the demands of add-ons you’ll need and push HD video (particularly AVCHD) with effects and so on. You might take a look at the 600+ range if your budget will allow it. Also you need an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to use in the case of surges or blackouts. 200w over the rating of your power supply is a safe measure to compensate for your workstation, any external drives and a monitor of size.

I’m also thinking you’ll need two extra internal drives as well. As Crafters said, use one to store your edits and finished clips. The other to store your graphics and other files including backups. My suggestion for your main drive is to partition it and make the C: portion the active drive for your OS, programs and immediately accessed files. Use the D: portion purely for storage and file backups. If anything gets corrupted on the C: partition you can always wipe it and start over. Unless the drive fails mechanically, the D: portion should remain uncorrupted and accessible.

Oh, and don’t ever think about using ‘Home’ anything when considering a PC for a workstation. Use the Pro version as it will allow you plenty of access to maintenance tools (which you will need for keeping an NLE up and running), gives you control over who, how and when they can access the machine and it doesn’t come with all that other crap you don’t need on an NLE workstation.

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