“How did you say P2 media


“How did you say P2 media compares with SxS? (Cost factors aside.)”


I haven’t worked with either so I can’t say. However, should I pick up a JVC HM700, I would roll with SxS. Much cheaper than P2, friendlier with Vegas and used by higher-end clients. As far as the shootout went, the only footage I thought was off was the Canon’s. They crushed the blacks and the colors weren’t as vibrant as all the others which was strange since it’s image sensor was designed primarily for still photography. It looked like they didn’t expose well enough or didn’t do a proper white balance. I mean even the XH1A looked better than a 5k camera? What was up with that? Look at the difference between that video and the one shot by Lafloret. He didn’t have time or money to send it to a DaVinci 2k for color correction and it looked phenomenal. Despite that, I’m still very interested in getting a MkII.

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