How can I make this one cl


How can I make this one clear enough…


Seriously, check out their reviews at Reseller Ratings.

Tese guys sell what’s called grey market goods. They buy a camera,probably from B&H or some other respectable service. Tey then strip down the camera. When you order, all that you’re going to get is the camera body itself. No battery, no cables, no remote. They probably won’t even give you the lens hood!

This is, of course, technically illegal if the product is being sold as "new", since Canon only sells the camera as a kit to legitimate resellers.

Look at the reviews. Over 70 people have reviewed these guys, and most of them were screwed in the most nasty ways imaginable.

If you buy from them, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.


PS – Don’t bother trying to get a refund if you do buy this thing. Grey market dealers will use the "RMA" hassle to prevent you from getting your money back.

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