How about just letting the


How about just letting the camera rum without stopping, that way you get an uninterupted music track and just walk around and shoot lots of various angles. I used to do when I didn’t have a soundman working with me, lots of faces, finger snapping, wide shots and as much as you can get in in a tune, then shoot the that next tune and forget that sound, just take a lot of pictures- also of the audience if there is one and you can use those pix with the first sound track, you’ll find you get pretty ggood at it and it worked for me when I was a network cameraman. Bob Dutru (retired cinematographer)

I like this suggestion best. But if there is any way you can have someone who knows how to operate a camera do pan shots and zooms while you are playing that would be cool. If not, do as suggested and have the lead singer do the pans and zooms of the rest of the band playing through the song without the singing. If you want some zooms of the singer you can have another member of the band do that on a separate take while the singer is fronting with the band.

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