Houston, you got a problem


Houston, you got a problem!

(Had to say that; couldnt help myself.)

Greg, 100 feet away from the stage; you cant get closer than that!!!

And IMO it is absolutely uncool that every wide shot is going to feature you and your wandering camera in front of the band, with camera light possibly blowing out faces, exposure-wise, as recorded by the long distance cam. The band is the star, not the video guy. Your word funny is a serious understatement for this state of affairs.

Cant you put a tripod on stage for the static cam.

And it seems you may have missed numerous posts here about the less than dazzling performance of HiDef in low light.

Try renting some Sony VX 2100s or PD 170s locally. Or send me a roundtrip ticket (reside in DC by the Zoo) and Ill come to your town with a couple of these low light champs. You can put me up or Ill take $300 for expenses and well shoot some remarkable Standard Def images that will kick start your nephews band to fame and fortune. (That last part not guaranteed.) Ive got my motor running


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