“… hope I can get throug


“… hope I can get through to her before she gets her fingers burnt.”


To quote the ‘Joker’ in “The Dark Knight”, “Wanna’ know how I got these scars?” Without trying to ‘fear monger’ there have always been ‘wacky’ folks out there. For some reason though the ‘Net has made a lot of them much worse. The dangerous thing about the ‘Net is that retarded feeling of ‘anonymity’ people think they have. Social Networking sites are a novel idea and have their good points, but they do create a ‘herd mentality’. Unfortunately, wherever there’s a herd there are predators not far behind. At least in the States you hear about it more and more each day how people are being picked off by ‘Net predators. Scams involving your info, identity theft, rapes (of females and males) and oft times murders (also indiscriminate of gender.) Many of such cases could have easily been prevented had the victim not put all of their personal info out there to be had.

Unfortunately, much of your personal info whether you have been diligent or not is out there anyway. All it takes is a dedicated search and sometimes just a little cash and you can find out all kinds of ‘usable’ info on a person.

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